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Re: Africa

The past decades have shown what the meaning of a connected world is. Cultures cross national boundaries, democracy spreads. Equality, human rights and animal welfare are becoming more present in the world. However, globalization also leads to the alienation and anonymization of commodity production. It is easy for us to live at the expense of others because we do not see the damage we cause. Intensive live-stock farming paves the way. Intransparent trade chains follow the unethical optimization of profits. While the oppressed side is powerless, the powerful ones are on the pursuit for happiness and do not want to let go of their materialistic consumption. The powerful maintain the story of the poor poor. Aid organizations collect well-meaning support during crisis and sadly stay far too long. They drive people into dependency on relief goods, destroy existing economies by distorting competition instead of giving them the tools to develop their own entrepreneurship.


In our documentary “A Big Continental Shift” directed by “The Inconvenient Bruce”, shot by “Lense Flaire” on “Don’t be so Negative film” and produced by “Eye Opening Productions” we show a different story of the people on the African continent. A story about local connection; Connection to nature and fellow human beings. A story about creative, enthusiastic entrepreneurs who favour impact over profit. Their businesses save their mothers, their children and their fellow human beings. Social entrepreneurs who have set off with a backpack full of inspiration, perseverance, creativity and openness to overcome hurdles that stand in their way. They do not ask permission to get started. They do not wait for the perfect conditions, but start with what they have. They are aware of the wonderful nature they have around them and want to protect it. With their ideas they often solve several problems at the same time. They bring people together, show courage and create jobs on their way.

We are embarking on a journey to new stories about Africa. To people who use the Internet to access the same knowledge as the countries of the North and a spirit of optimism, learning and giving. They meet us at eye level and make us think about our image of people in need. We meet them as friends and business associates. We meet them as an inspiration for a world full of sense driven entrepreneurs.


We want to learn from you.

The goal of this movie is to touch curious people, that want to make this world a better place.

What are your questions on your path? Which topics do you want to learn about?