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Videos for sustainable brands. you4future.

Videos for sustainable brands. you4future.


Do it yourself

For Changemakers who want
to take video marketing
into their own hands.

Done for you

For Changemakers who desire
a professional video.
From idea to finished video.

We want sustainable companies to flourish. For a better future.

Never before has the ‘Why’ been more important than today. Why we do a certain job. Why some people create their future instead of reacting to it.

And never before has there been such a focus on the ‘How’. How we work and live. How we interact with our environment and relationships. How we want to exist in 100 years from now.

We experience how more and more people and companies ask these questions.Themselves, but also others.

We at Erster Sinn want to support exactly these people and companies.

To challenge the status quo.

In supporting those companies that make conscious choices, we fundamentally help them spread their message – and in doing so already make a better future possible. One that starts today.

‘Erster Sinn’ is German for ‘first sense’. We chose that name because by activating the first sense (seeing) we help those who have a purpose.

Manuel Dingemann
Geschäftsführender Ermöglicher

Videos are the ideal voice for your message


Some of our clients:

Einige unserer Kunden:

I have the feeling that I’ve met an awesome video producer that I can work with at the same eye level and that can grow with our projects together. What will we create next?

Michelle Diederichs

Assistant Programme Specialist - Public Relations, UNESCO Institute for life long learning

We want what you want – change!

Tailor-made videos

From idea through production to application – we make sure that your message is deeply rooted in your brand and reaches the right people.


Social Media Campaign


Winning new members


Documentation (68 Minuten)


How a video production works

Our offer very much depends on what you need. That’s why we always counsel our clients holistically.

In the end it’s always about you finding the right presentation of yourself and your product. That’s why there’s no package deal but an individual conversation and concept.

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Manuel Dingemann | Schulterblatt 3 | 20357 Hamburg
tel: 040 60942876 |
Manuel Dingemann | Schulterblatt 3 | 20357 Hamburg
tel: 040 36847175 |